Black Rifle Homestead

Your resource for homesteading as a military family – or in whatever stage of life you’re in! It doesn’t have to be perfect. You can homestead right where you are! Join us on this exciting journey.

Areas of Expertise


Homesteading encompasses many things: gardening, cooking skills, food preservation, beekeeping, and much more.


Survival from a homesteading perspective encompasses a wide range of skills geared to build resiliency during hard times.


All your harvesting labors are in vain without a plan to protect the fruits of your labor and your family during times of food insecurity and civil unrest.

What is Black Rifle Homestead?

Homesteading for a military family is challenging in many ways given the nomadic lifestyle. Most military servicemembers during their careers trained and qualified using a black rifle. Thus the black rifle signifies the military lifestyle.

How can a military family homestead given we move every 2-3 years? It is possible because homesteading is not just a lifestyle but also a mindset. It entails learning skills that will be useful after the military life is over and being prepared for various scenarios that might arise. Homesteading is possible even without farm animals or much acreage at all.


The head of the homestead. Being an Army officer cultivated in Mark a knack for leading others. As a husband and father he brings strong leadership to the homestead. While most days are spent serving in the military, on the homestead he oversees and plans all things preparedness and security. He also will be the chief beekeeper of the homestead.


The homemaker of the homestead. Malori’s areas of focus on the homestead are taking care of the little humans, planning and caring for the garden, and all things homemaking – especially cooking! As a registered nurse, she also offers the know-how of a healthcare professional in times of illness and in keeping the homestead naturally healthy.

The Kids

The little humans of the homestead. Max and Gus, at only 19 months apart, are definitely the two most lively parts of the homestead. Max’s 2-year-old obsession is anything with wheels. Gus is still an infant and mostly cares about eating and sleeping, but soon will be following in Max’s footsteps. They are part of our “why” for cultivating the homestead life and mindset!

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